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Private Island Holidays – Getting Away From It All

Do your holidays always feel the same? Are you looking for a new luxury holiday experience?

For the ultimate in luxury, relaxation and exclusivity, enjoy a private island holiday with Luxury Villa Living.

Private Island Holidays   
There are lots of islands available for rental. The most famous is Necker Island, owned by Sir Richard Branson. The island is in the British Virgin Islands and is a prime example of how an island can be fully utilised for luxury private island holidays.

The island itself is a paradise. It has long stretches of white sandy beaches, pristine coral reefs, and clear blue, warm waters to swim in. Since 1984 the island has been available to rent for those wanting a taste of the private island experience. It is equipped with luxury villas finished to the highest possible standard and 60 staff who are there to ensure that your every need is met. The island has been designed to accommodate up to 28 guests at any one time and for most of the year it is only available for rental by one group.

Though for most of the year, the only way to experience island life is to rent the whole thing, Sir Richard Branson does make some exceptions. For certain weeks of the year Necker Island is host to a ‘celebration week’. During these weeks, individuals or couples are given the chance to book just one luxury villa on the island. These weeks are understandably popular and create a real party atmosphere on the island. For many, this offers the chance to experience living on a private island without the organisation and expense of renting the whole 74 acres.

Spending time on a private island is a level of luxury you can’t beat. Renting an island is a great way to experience the tranquillity and freedom that owning a private island gives, without actually owning it. Necker Island is a prime example of an island designed to bring the private island holiday experience to more people. Renting it is sure to give an experience that you, and your guests, will never forget.

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