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Have yourself a luxury beach holiday in Barbados

It comes as to no surprise that beautiful Barbados attracts sun-worshippers and beach-buffs from all over the world; its extensive collection of diverse, unique and sun-kissed beaches, ideally nestled along various stretches of the island, are enough to entice anyone to this iconic tropical destination.

Home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches and bays, most of which are complemented by soft biscuit-white sands and calm crystal-clear turquoise waters, if you’re looking for a last-minute luxury beach holiday then look no further.

The 70 miles of palm-embellished beaches, coupled with a year-round climate that is beyond comparison, Barbados has a beach to suit every sunbather who longs for solitude, every windsurfing enthusiast in search of a perfect surfing spot and anyone who just wants to enjoy a spot of relaxation under the blazing Barbados sun. Blessed with a generous number of 60 beaches and coral coves, Bajans and visitors alike can enjoy a luxury release from everyday strain whenever they fancy.

Home to one of the top 10 beaches in the world

In addition to enticing a significant influx of visitors to just about every sun-saturated beach on the island, Barbados seduces beach-seekers towards the parish of St. Philip, home to Crane Beach, widely recognized as one of the top ten beaches in the world.

A popular spot for honeymooners and body-surfers, the palm-fringed Crane Beach is everything a Barbados beach should be, but with much bigger waves and a stronger breeze, ideal for sun-devotees who like to lay under the rays all day.

East Coast Beaches – perfect for surfers

Barbados’ east coast beaches are undoubtedly the most stunning, thanks to their long stretches of soft white sand, a beautiful contrast against the crashing azure ocean. Here, the waters are wild, a delight for surfers who come from all over the world.

South Coast Beaches – the place for everyone

Comprising flawless sandy beaches, coral reefs and Barbados water sport facilities, this is the best place to start if you’re looking for a spot of relaxation, coupled with the option to dabble in a few Bajan water sports. The south coast area offers anything for windsurfing to boogie boarding.

West Coast Beaches – for those seeking relaxation

Burst out of your reverie about peaceful beaches, white sandy shores and gentle turquoise waters; you can experience all of that right here. Relax onshore and absorb the shimmering sunshine or take a dip in the big blue.

North Coast Beaches – ideal for travellers and adventurists

Teeming with coral and sandstone cliffs, north coast beaches in Barbados are far less accessible than the beaches in other areas, although you’re still guaranteed to find an isolated cove if you care to venture along the coast.

Beach privacy

Although some beaches may appear private due to their location, all beaches in Barbados are open to the public. With this in mind, due to its history of conservative British tradition, there are no nude beaches in Barbados.

Luxury villas in Barbados

At Luxury Villa Living, we offer nothing less than paradise. We have plenty of luxury Barbados villas and beach villas to choose from – simply browse our collection of the most exquisite properties on the island here.

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