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We have been customers of Luxury Villa Living since the company's formation, and have enjoyed exceptional service over the years, covering a broad range of holidays, including villas, hotels and train journeys.The attention to detail has been key on every trip, and the quality of those all-important "extras" has been outstanding, eg local guides or transport from airport to villa or hotel.We expect the best. We have enjoyed the best.

Vic Wakeling C.B.E.
Feb 2013 - Repeat Client
Former Managing Director, Sky Sports and Sky News

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Private Island Holidays Europe

FROM £6,945 PER WEEK French Private Island FRCH0001

No of Bedrooms: 4

There are about 60 islands on the River Seine in Ile-de-France, which literally means the Island of France and is the area around Paris.

Ibiza Private Island IBTA0001

No of Bedrooms: 5

The 600.000 square metres green island is pervaded by idyllic country pathways. On the west coast there is a beach with mooring and beach bar. The beach offers excellent possibilities for water sports of all kinds.

FROM £107,870 PER WEEK Amalfi Coast Island Italy ITVL0002

No of Bedrooms: 6

This private island, one of a cluster of islets facing Capri has a history dating back to Tiberius and Roman times. In the 1920s it was transformed by the famous architect Le Corbusier from a fortification to a private hideaway featuring a large terrace garden looking towards Capri and the dazzling Amalfi coast.

FROM £6,520 PER WEEK Croatia Private Island COZI0001

No of Bedrooms: 7

Dense, green olive groves cover the islands gentle inclines, before eventually giving way to a magnificent modern villa, a private beach, and finally the deep blue hues of the Adriatic.

Ibiza Private Island IBFE0001

No of Bedrooms: 7

The island has been transformed into a super-hacienda which, as a dream resort, knows no equal. This fabulous resort flows in harmony with nature and offers the ultimate in luxury. The architecture is unique; everything has been designed for undisturbed pleasure.