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Villa La Fila

Eco Villas La Flia is a Boutique Oceanfront Sustainable Condominium, comprised of six, individual, designer-led houses, located on one of the most pristine beaches of Puerto Escondido.

  • 10 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 20
  • Located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

  • Description


    While providing a serene and secluded sanctuary for all the senses, the location is only 10 min drive from Puerto Escondido’s La Punta and Zicatella Beach – a buzzing melting pot of restaurants, bars, and artisan shops. The houses of La Flia are only 20min drive from Puerto Escondido International Airport.

    CASA 1, CASA 2 and CASA 3 are oceanfront luxury houses with direct access to the beach and unobstructed views of the spectacular beach, ocean, and the unforgettable sunsets. Each house is for up to 12 people.

    CASA 4, CASA 5 and CASA 6 are luxury beach houses, situated on the second line of La Flia, just 50m from having your toes in the sand. Each house is two floors, with direct access to the beach and luscious garden with palms and hammocks. Each house is for up to 10 people


    • Prime location offering serenity and proximity to town
    • Eco-friendly and low impact design with local materials
    • 4 ensuite bedrooms, all with AC and ceiling ventilator
    • Ample living space with high-end design
    • Infinity pool 10m X 4m with shallow part for kids
    • Pool deck with sun loungers for sun-kissed relaxation
    • Custom made pizza oven and BBQ
    • Direct access to kilometers of pristine, virgins beach
    • Lavish Garden with Exotic Plants and Palms


    • Onsite Gourmet Kitchen
    • Bar Supply
    • Cleaning
    • Concierge
  • Amenities


    Infinity Swimming Pool

    Air Conditioning

    Ocean View

    BBQ area with Pizza Oven

  • Staff


    Full-time chef and cooking team (8am-10pm)

    Full-time cleaning team

    Further Staff Available on Request

  • Flights


    Here at Luxury Villa Living, we help you to create the perfect package. We can source and organise scheduled and chartered flights upon your request.

  • The Extras

    The Extras

    We offer personalised and complimentary concierge services with each booking to make things as easy and stress-free as possible. From car hire to special restaurant reservations and more specific requests, we create a bespoke experience that is specially tailored for you

  • Location


    Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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