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Villa Starling

Villa Starling is truly majestic. Combining a tropical feel with mountain views, palm trees, and a beautifully built house, a stay here will be utterly magical.

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 8
  • Located in Algarve, Portugal

  • Description


    The town itself is very charming: with cobblestone streets, family-owned restaurants and live music at a few local bars. You can walk from the villa into the town and the beaches beyond within 12 minutes, negating the need to ever get in a car if you don’t want to. Driving up to the villa is striking, with ornate column detail at the front, and a shaded veranda with exotic flowers encircling it. The inside is spacious, bohemian and breath-taking. Baby blues, soft whites and many a billowing curtain create a serene feel upon entrance. The kitchen is whacky and wonderful, with bright blue cupboards and traditional tile flooring. Chandeliers hang from the ceilings and the three bathrooms are also done up in colourful, creative styles. There is also a flat-screen TV and a fire place in the villa, meaning even on colder evenings this is the perfect place to chill.

    The four bedrooms feature a mixture of dream-catchers, calming colour schemes and plush double beds. Large French windows are shielded by floaty white curtains, with glimpses of the beautiful outsides always available.

    The outside of the villa is just as amazing as the inside. With hanging hammocks for the whole party, sheltered outdoor seating areas with candy-coloured cushions and of course the huge swimming pool, there is always somewhere to explore at the Villa Starling. Next to the pool, another covered area shields some traditional wicker chairs, creating the perfect place to watch friends or loved ones enjoy the irresistible pool. the surrounding greenery is beautiful. Huge palm trees are positioned around the pool providing some shade over the sunbeds, and the garden beyond is luscious and green.

  • Amenities



    Swimming Pool


    Table Tennis




  • Staff



    Staff Available on Request


  • Flights


    Here at Luxury Villa Living, we help you to create the perfect package. We can source and organise scheduled and chartered flights upon your request.

  • The Extras

    The Extras

    We offer personalised and complimentary concierge services with each booking to make things as easy and stress-free as possible. From car hire to special restaurant reservations and more specific requests, we create a bespoke experience that is specially tailored for you

  • Location


    Algarve, Portugal

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